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An examination of the fragile and often ambiguous relationship between photography and text, and the ways in which they are employed to create either factual or metaphorical descriptions of the world around us.
The source images for ‘A Reconstruction of Codes’ were initially produced for the mass media market. All images were acquired in one day from a leading celebrity picture agency selected from their ‘most recent images’ section featuring celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey and Paris Hilton.
The photographs have been digitally analysed using a specially commissioned algorithm. This software, written by Dr. Sophie Triantaphillidou at the University of Westminster, reorganises each image based on the existing colour values.
Each reconstruction results in a new image eradicating any previously intended meaning. The uncompromisingly abstracted images keep their original captions which in turn become the obvious carrier of meaning. Only by reading the captions is the viewer able to attempt to visualise the original images.

Material Light Exhibition
Srishti outpost, Mill Hall Compound
Mattanchery. Kochi, Kerala, India
15.03.17 – 24.03.17

Please contact Andre Pinkowski for further information.